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Viiret, Justin justin.viiret at intel.com
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Hi Chris,

We’re not actively investigating OpenCL based approaches for pattern matching. We have concerns about latency (for inline applications), total performance and the potential for “soft errors”. The amount of work it would require for us to support two patches to Suricata, one out of scope, is simply too much.

Currently we push all our pattern-matching effort into Hyperscan itself: that way performance improvements behind the scenes in Hyperscan (algorithmic improvements, support for new hardware features, etc) can be taken advantage of by Suricata without needing further changes to the Suricata code.

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I saw in a previous post where CUDA has gone by the wayside in the area of continuing development support. I know the Intel professionals that helped incorporate hyperscan for Suricata are monitoring this forum.

I pose this question:

Given the great work that Intel has already done with hyperscan, why not work toward development incorporating even more horsepower via the OpenCL API? Given that many/most suricata appliances really are just CLI based server installations, the graphics processor mostly is not used. I think it makes sense for Intel to encourage Suricata development for intel based graphics processors/GPU's. Maybe this is already happening and I'm simply not aware. Is this even realistic? I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.
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