[Oisf-users] negative content match

Victor Julien lists at inliniac.net
Thu Dec 7 15:06:44 UTC 2017

On 07-12-17 14:31, erik clark wrote:
> So, I have a rule that has the following stub:
> content:"paypal.com <http://paypal.com>";http_host;isdataat:0,relative
> This checks to confirm the host IS somethingsomething.paypal.com
> <http://somethingsomething.paypal.com>, and always ends in paypal.com
> <http://paypal.com>.
> My question is, and this is conjecture because I am having a hard time
> procuring the right pcap, will negating the content make this fire on
> anything that does NOT end in paypal.com <http://paypal.com>? Like so:
> content:!"paypal.com <http://paypal.com>";http_host;isdataat:0,relative

To check 'pattern' is the end of the buffer, use

'content:"pattern"; isdataat:!1,relative;'

To check that there is data after 'pattern', use

'content:"pattern"; isdataat:1,relative;'

Victor Julien
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