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Installation from scratch in Gentoo isn't different from compiling for other distributions.

You can use the package manager to install the dependencies (i.e. the “emerge” command), checkout the code, and compile it using the “autoconf” / “make” tools as instructed in the Suricata documentation.

Sometimes, it is useful to have a look at the latest Suricata Gentoo ebuild to understand if any patch or extra dependency is needed.

You can also create your own ebuild to download the latest master and compile / install using the package manager.

Hope it clears up things,

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Starting a separate thread  -

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> A bit off topic (i apologize) -> but was wondering if you care to contribute a Suricata Gentoo compile
> and install guide.

>I'm not sure I understand what you mean.
>Compilation and installation on Gentoo is done by simply issuing:
># emerge suricata

I am not familiar with Gentoo at all -  so sorry for the simple questions :)

Yes -  what about if you would like to install the Suricata
dependencies and compile Suricata from scratch? (as opposed to using
prepackaged version)

For example -

Peter Manev
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