[Oisf-users] Suricata Gentoo compile/install

Vieri rentorbuy at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 5 09:51:52 UTC 2017

From: "duarte.silva at serializing.me" <duarte.silva at serializing.me>
> You can use the package manager to install the dependencies (i.e. the “emerge” command), checkout the > code, and compile it using the “autoconf” / “make” tools as instructed in the Suricata documentation.

> You can also create your own ebuild to download the latest master and compile / install using the 

> package manager.

Right. If you're not happy with the official Gentoo ebuild and are impatient then you can set up your own ebuild and change things as you see fit.
There's a simple start-up guide here: 

It's generally a good idea not to autoconf/make directly but to use a custom ebuild instead.

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