[Oisf-users] Suricata and Cloud (AWS, GCLOUD) scenarios

jose antonio izquierdo lopez jizquierdo at owlh.net
Fri May 11 11:06:21 UTC 2018

Hi Suricata Family,

I'm working with Suricata on Cloud (AWS, GCLOUD) environments to define a
'software TAP' configuration/solution. Right now the best approach I can
find is to do local traffic capture on each instance, save to pcap file,
forward it to a Suricata running instance, and analyze it with Suricata. I
don't want to include Suricata in each instance.

I'm happy with the new functionality on Suricata 4.1 to keep running while
ingesting new pcap files. It helps a lot.

But my question is if someone has experience in this scenario and if there
is a better approach to use Suricata in Cloud environments?

This is what I have right now.

Thanks a lot,

Best Regards,

Jose Antonio Izquierdo
m - +34 673 055 255
skype - izquierdo.lopez
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