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A reality of modern cloud computing and globalism is that lots of data centers are being ‘outsourced’ outside of the country in order to keep costs down.  There isn’t anything you can do about it other switching to a competitor with a better domestic presence.  Both Google and Amazon will make an effort to keep your data inside your country of origin, for example.  But who knows how long that is going to be the case.

Personally, I don’t think there is much of a risk with this model currently, especially if your data is encrypted.  Given state-sponsored actors, anything is possible, however.  Including insider threats and ‘layer 1’ supply-chain attacks on the infrastructure itself.

Something I proposed @Suricon was to start scoring ASNs by risk in order to start holding the big cloud players accountable and potentially allow for scoping TLS interception using a trust model.  So, for example, allowing TLS to known-good domestic ASNs while intercepting (or even blocking) it for foreign or low-trust networks.


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I'm looking at a lot of traffic to 443 connections to Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands and more.  Some of this traffic's IP Addresses are assigned to Microsoft.

I want to believe the that there is nothing malicious, but I Don't believe that there is a need to send my data to Singapore or Japan, when I live in the USA.

Is there a need to send data to a foreign country to use Microsoft products?

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