[Oisf-users] Suricata and XDP

ltishend ltishend at uw.edu
Fri Jun 7 17:22:03 UTC 2019

Hey All,

I'm trying to get XDP working on my system with suricata and I'm running into this error:

[17298] 7/6/2019 -- 08:45:34 - (util-ebpf.c:308) <Error> (EBPFSetupXDP) -- [ERRCODE: SC_ERR_INVALID_VALUE(130)] - Unable to set XDP on 'enp175s0f1': Invalid argument (-22)
[17298] 7/6/2019 -- 08:45:34 - (runmode-af-packet.c:486) <Warning> (ParseAFPConfig) -- [ERRCODE: SC_ERR_INVALID_VALUE(130)] - Error when setting up XDP

I'm running Ubuntu 18.04.2 using kernel 4.18.0-21-generic.
Network card uses the i40e driver (Intel X710). 

Interface config is:

  - interface: enp175s0f1
    threads: 13
    cluster-id: 97
    cluster-type: cluster_qm
    xdp-mode: driver
    xdp-filter-file: /etc/suricata/xdp_filter.bpf
    bypass: yes
    defrag: yes
    use-mmap: yes
    tpacket-v3: yes
    ring-size: 200000
    block-size: 1048576

After this suricata continues to load and function normally, I'm just not getting the XDP benefits for flow dropping.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



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