[Oisf-users] Missing Alerts? May be the network

Michał Purzyński michalpurzynski1 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 18 08:45:51 UTC 2019

Thanks for sharing. It is indeed important to monitor packet drops during
all stages of packet processing.
We actually wrote about it in the original SEPTun Mark I - see the section
about packet drops (point 1, SPAN ports)


Fortunately, most switches and Arista lets you query everything with SNMP
and that is something your monitoring should look at as well. You have a
tricky setup, so you should monitor both.

If you have Zeek running with the same upstream infrastructure and you can
enable the stats.log + capture_loss.log and if there are no drops seen in
stats.log but there's something in the capture_loss.log - it is time to
check the upstream. I used Zeek to troubleshoot the entire NSM stack a
couple of times ;)

Now (and developers can verify me) I think that if in Suricata's stats log
- kernel drops are 0
- memcap drops are 0
- tcp.reassembly_gap is bigger than 0

You can deduce from those you have an upstream problem.

On Sun, Mar 17, 2019 at 8:14 AM Greg Grasmehr <greg.grasmehr at caltech.edu>

> Hello All,
> Some of you may remember in early-mid 2018 I was essentially pulling my
> hair out trying to figure out why Suricata was apparently missing alert
> traffic on our 10G wire.  Network claimed everything was hunky dory on
> their end, and I spent countless hours testing different configs and
> rule sets trying to determine what was going on.
> Fortunately I attended Zeekcon last October and one of the presentations
> got me looking at our Zeek data and then to thinking.
> Long story short - one of the SPANS feeding our Arista switch turned out
> to be saturated and dropping packets on the edge switch feeding the
> Arista.  Once that was rectified Suricata was finally receiving all
> network data and with Hyperscan enabled easily handling the traffic,
> even during micro bursts exceeding 10G, and this is with more than 57000
> rules enabled.  As far as I can tell it doesn't miss a thing now. w00t!
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