[Oisf-users] fail2ban integration

David Wharton oisf at davidwharton.us
Mon May 6 02:41:12 UTC 2019

On 5/4/19 7:15 AM, Marios Spinthiras wrote:
> I've had a number of deployments recently which restricted the use of 
> NFQUEUE for IPS. I did however want IPS capabilities but didn't want 
> to change from AF_PACKET. 

Why not run AF_PACKET inline?  It has been an option for more than six 
years; see 
https://home.regit.org/2012/09/new-af_packet-ips-mode-in-suricata/. I 
haven't messed around with it much but I did set it up not too long ago 
and it seemed to work fine.


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