[Oisf-users] Fwd: Suricata 1.4 simple alert rule, first visit to website not triggering an alert

Vincent Fang vincent.y.fang at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 21:23:39 UTC 2013

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From: Vincent Fang <vincent.y.fang at gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Jan 10, 2013 at 4:20 PM
Subject: Re: [Oisf-users] Suricata 1.4 simple alert rule, first visit to
website not triggering an alert
To: Eoin Miller <eoin.miller at trojanedbinaries.com>

Response to Peter Manav:

Immediately after the first visit when I stop suricata, the logs stay the
same with fast.log being at 0 bytes with no alerts along with unified2. A
weird thing I'm noticing is that the http.log is also at 0 bytes as well
even though I see get requests being made and passing through wireshark.

I then saved the pcap file called businessweek from wireshark and cleared
the logs again and ran suricata in offline pcap mode with the following
suricata -c /pathtoyaml/suricata.yaml -r /pathtopcap/businessweek

and the resulting logs were the same, 0 bytes in the fast.log and 0 bytes
in the http.log

Response to rmkml:

I tried with wget and the same situation occurs with with the fast.log
being 0. I also tried clearing the google cache and restarting the test
again, and the same result occurred. I switched browsers to firefox and
cleared the cache however, and alerts started popping up in the fast.log,
but only if I cleared the cached after already visiting the webpage once,
otherwise fast.log would never populate.

The thing that confuses me is what am I seeing in wireshark if it sees http
packets matching the destination ip address? Or because it's all running on
a local box, a special scenario occurs?

Response to Eoin Miller:

Changing the rule to tcp did not affect the outcome, and wiresharks didn't
match the filter
tcp && ip.dst ==

So it looks like I get the correct results with Firefox if the cache is
cleared, but what exactly is going on if I see matching http packets in
wireshark with the matching ip destination?

On Thu, Jan 10, 2013 at 3:34 PM, Eoin Miller <
eoin.miller at trojanedbinaries.com> wrote:

> On 1/10/2013 19:57, Vincent Fang wrote:
> >
> > alert http any any -> <> any (msg:
> > "visiting businessweek")
> Maybe try alert tcp instead of alert http.
> -- Eoin
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